Time for Spring Cleaning | Car Tips

Vehicle Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning is not just for around the house.  I say, add your vehicle to the list!  A Clean vehicle will help get the most out of its performance, economy, emissions, and longevity.
Start by removing everything that should not be in there. Extra winter coats, snowboards, camping gear and that box of old 8-Tracks you think will be worth something one day.  All these items do is weigh the vehicle down creating drag, low efficiency, and subsequently more emissions.

To help clean the air you breathe; focus on those dust bunnies hitching a ride.  Wipe down all the hard surfaces with a microfiber cloth. Try a cotton swab for those tight spots.  Vacuum the seats and carpeting. For salt stains try a 1:1 mix of water and vinegar in a spray bottle. Let it soak, gently brush it in and rub dry with a damp cloth.  Repeat if needed.  Don`t forget the windows! Using the defrosters all winter can leave an oily film which can lead to fog and glare.  Glass cleaner will help in this area.

A good wash is great for the paint and keeps the resale value up.  My Dad always said a clean car is more aerodynamic which, in turn, improves efficiency. No real science behind that, but I think he’s on to something. Everyone has their own method for washing their vehicle. Mine is by hand and is a blog for another day!

If you’d like to DIY your vehicle spring clean-up; check out the many ACDelco Vehicle Care products in our parts department here at Boyer Chevrolet Buick GMC.  If you’d rather send your vehicle to the spa; book an appointment with service online or by calling (905)427-2500.  You can have your vehicle completely detailed inside and out (including the engine) starting at $165.00.  Prices vary depending on the size and condition of vehicle.

While you’re here, book a Spring Check-Up too! Getting your vehicle ready for hot weather will save you time and money during your busy summer ahead.