Car Collecting Culture

Car Collecting Culture

Photo: Tallahassee Auto Museum – The Motoring Journal


We may not always be able to understand the object of a collector’s desire:  ketchup squeeze packets anyone?  But I think it’s safe to say that we understand the car collector.

For us the family car wasn’t just a metal and rubber machine that transported my Dad to work.  It was the magic carpet that took us to Granny’s, Disney World and everywhere in between.  His car has always been an extension of his personality and his fortress of solitude.  He is very particular about sharing and parking his vehicle.  The process of maintaining it is a ritual for him.  I’m only talking about his “daily driver”.  The rules for his classic car are much more stringent.  Even though I don’t collect, I understand why he does.

Automobiles played a huge role in shaping the society we live in today.  They are the reason for the highways that link our country together and resulted in the development of the suburbs.
For some, a classic car opens the window to the past.  For others, it fulfills the dreams of youth. They make a great project for garage craftsman.  They can be seen as a piece of art; an investment piece if you will.  There is a sense of camaraderie as car collectors love to get together to show off their vehicles.

The good news is that you don’t have to be a collector to join the community.  Join Boyer Chevrolet Buick GMC on Sunday July 13 from 10am-3pm for our Charity Car Show and family fun event!