1987 Chevrolet Blazer | Funny how that Happens

Recently we wrote a blog about car collecting and what it means to my family.  Shortly afterwards
VanDusen’s very own service technician, Tony Magnante, was featured in Old Autos magazine with his 1987 Chevrolet Blazer!

This S-10 Blazer was purchased brand new by Tony’s Nonno (Italian for Grandfather), Raniero Magnante, as a second vehicle.  Raniero had a pick-up truck as his daily driver.  The Blazer was only driven on nice days for family outings and occasionally to the grocery store.  As you can imagine with this type of care Raniero was also particular about his parking spots, how to maintain the Blazer’s appearance and who could drive it.  When Raniero passed away about nine years ago the Blazer only had about 48,000 kms on the odometer.

When vehicles like these become a part of family history it only seems fitting to pass them on.  The pick-up truck went to Tony’s Uncle, Angelo.  Tony and his Dad are both very mechanically minded so the decision was made for the Blazer to be theirs. To honour Raniero, they agreed to enjoy the Blazer only during good weather.  The Blazer spends its winters in storage and summers at the beach.

Tony has a vision for the Blazer and is steadily working towards it. He wants it to look like a classic truck but have modern performance and power.  So far, Tony has added modern disc brakes (fronts are from a Corvette) and the Blazer has been lowered 5 inches with modern components.  At home he is building a 6 litre Corvette engine to put under the hood.  One day hopes to add a Corvette independent rear suspension.

After numerous summer weekends at Wasaga Beach the Blazer’s odometer now reads about 61,000 kms.  If you’re up that way in June look for Tony and his Blazer at Wasaga Beach Cruiser’s Fun Run.  Or if you want to stay local, visit our Charity Car Show and Family Event here at the dealership on Sunday, July 13, 2014.  Nonno would be pleased to know that his vehicle had so many admirers.

If we take such good care of our own vehicles imagine how we’ll we treat yours at Boyer Chevrolet Buick GMC!