What Colour is Your Vehicle?

Picking out the paint colour of your vehicle
How much thought did you put into picking out the paint colour of your vehicle?  What you choose may say a lot about your personality.  Take a look at these descriptions and let us know if they are accurate:

Red is a bold and stimulating colour choice.  It is energetic, warm and fun.  People drawn to the colour red may be courageous high achievers and wild risk takers who like to see themselves as ambitious and impulsive. Others describe them as extroverted with a take charge attitude that likes to get things done quickly and efficiently.  Burgundy has similar traits but is less apparent.

Black is the result of the absence, or complete absorption, of light.  It is associated with mystery, power, secrets, and elegance.  People who choose to drive a black vehicle may be sending the message that they are aggressive, self-assured, confident and in control.  It is often chosen by well-disciplined people who like to maintain order.

White is produced by the combination of all the colors of the visible spectrum.  It is thought of as the opposite of black.  It is associated with innocence, honesty, cleanliness and neutrality.  Drivers of white vehicles often have trusting personalities with an average self-confidence about their life path and are usually consistent in mood and attitude.

A Silver car could mean you like things ‘just so’ and have a positive attitude about the direction of your life and a futuristic outlook.  The owner of a silver vehicle will often fit in well with most people and environments. They also like to seek stability in all areas of life.

Green is the colour of nature and connects us to the environment. It is a friendly colour and often thought as having a calming influence.  People who choose green may pay more attention to detail and see things others often overlook.  They are thought of as being practical, upbeat, trust-worthy and socially aware.  Some say those who choose green have high IQ’s.  Light green suggest the owner is lively and whimsical.

Blue is cool, calm and relaxed. It is often associated with a person being humble, loyal, conservative, thoughtful and wise.  Dark blue adds confidence and dependability.  Medium blue suggests someone is faithful, calm and reflective.  Light blue fans are serene and peaceful people.

Bright colours like yellow say “Look at me!” They are fun colours full of life and energy. It is often associated with joy, happiness and confidence.  So it doesn’t come as a surprise when a yellow car owner is described as having a positive and sunny disposition.  If you are creative and like to stand out in a crowd; yellow might be your colour.