Never Underestimate The Healing Power of Play

One World Futbol


Chevrolet is a proud partner with One World Futbol in a plan to donate 1.5 million soccer balls in 3 years to disadvantaged communities. The One World Futbol is more than just a nearly indestructible ball. The balls have been distributed to places like Rwanda, Nepal Ethiopia, Sierra Leone, Kenya and Mexico. In these places the ball has become a symbol of hope, joy and relief to the struggles of daily life for many youth.

Soccer is one of the most popular sports on earth. If you have a ball and group of kids you can have a game! Not to mention that a soccer ball is not a one trick pony. There are many games that can be played like ball tag, hot potato and kick ball.

Playing soccer, or any of the other games, has bridged the gap between cultures, genders, socioeconomic status and languages. It gives the youth confidence to try something new and engage in the community as teammates, as equals. Through this program aid workers are better able to gain the people’s trust and open lines of communication. In Kenya this open communication is used to help save the wildlife from the growing problem of poaching.

We at Boyer Chevrolet Buick GMC are proud to part of the Chevrolet family involved in this endeavor.

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