Lasers – Not just for the Grocery Store!

TreadSpec Laser Diagnostics Ajax Ontario

Lasers aren’t just for Check Outs at the Grocery Store

Proper maintenance is a vital part of vehicle ownership.  One of the most important items to maintain is your tires.  They are the component that makes your vehicle go, stop and steer.  Proper inflation, tread depth, alignment and placement are the key elements in preserving your tires and being safe of the road.  Knowing when to replace or maintain them in a timely manner can give the owner peace of mind.

Because of this we are very excited to introduce our latest tool in the Boyer Chevrolet Buick GMC drive-thru.  You will see the TreadSpec Precision Laser Diagnostics system as you enter the drive-thru.  You simply drive over it before meeting one of our friendly Service Advisors.

TreadSpec takes over 400 measurements on each tire which are used to create a custom report for every customer.  The report shows the tread depth, stopping distance graph and diagnostics for tire rotation and alignment.  A colour coded report will be provided at the time your vehicle is checked in. Any issues can be addressed right on the spot and solutions or repairs can be made accordingly.  One solution can be as simple as adjusting the tire pressure.  Running your tires over or underinflated decreases vehicle handling and causes premature wear on the tires.


TreadSpec History:
TreadSpec laser diagnostic technology was originally developed for the railway industry to measure railway infrastructure, wear and integrity.

In 2003 our CEO Roger Tracy pioneered this laser diagnostic technology for Formula 1 tires to measure track wear and tread from lap to lap.  The process proved to be so successful we decided it was perfect for measuring tire wear and alignment need on passenger vehicles.