How not to Get Stuck in the First Place

How not to Get Stuck in Snow
In last week’s episode we had to free the car doors, and this Blogger, from winter’s icy grip.  This week we’ll take measures to make sure it never happens again:
•    The best thing to do is maintain those rubber seals around the doors.  Replace them if they are worn or missing chunks that will allow water to seep in.
•    Keep the area clean of road debris and gunk that can build up over time.  For good measure wipe down both the seals and the door frame.
•    Using a rubber conditioner or silicone based spray lubricant that will repel water and prevent freezing.
•    Once a week use a paper towel to rub the door lock and key with rubbing alcohol (at least 60%) to prevent ice build-up.  It can also melt ice but will take a while.
•    Lubricating your locks works but can leave residue on your key over time.  Graphite lubricant, Teflon based sprays and greaseless lubricants are recommended the most.  Just don’t mix and match products or you will gum up the works!
•    When you know icy weather is approaching park inside, cover your vehicle or place a thin towel over your door before closing it.