I Got Stuck Inside My Car

Frozen Car

Bring on the jokes!  I gambled that I could get home from the car wash before the doors freeze.  I lost.  The punchline is that it was only the driver’s side door that stuck.  I was able to get out without much struggle.  So how do you unfreeze a car door safely?
First, and most importantly:  don’t force it.  The door handles and interior pulls could be damaged if you apply too much pressure on them.  Instead, try these more delicate approaches:
•    From the outside of the vehicle push as hard as you can against the door.  The object is to compress the door’s seal and break the ice.  This is usually all that is required to get the door open.
•    Pour warm water carefully around the door seal and handle to melt away ice or thin it enough to pull free from the car.  Use CAUTION since hot water and cold glass don’t mix.
•    An ice scraper or small hand tool can be used to chip away at a thick layer of ice.  Just watch your paint job.
•    Commercial de-icers work well if they aren’t trapped inside the vehicle.  Following the products instructions usually gets your door open in about 10 minutes.  Windshield wiper fluid can be used as a substitute.  Its alcohol content helps with the melting process.
•    If you are near an outlet a hairdryer on the highest setting can be used to melt the targeted areas.
•    If you can get in the vehicle from another door then drive around until the car is warm enough to melt the ice.  Parking inside will also help.