Spring Driving Tips

Spring Driving Tips
Ah, the smell of Spring is in the air!  The sun is shining and the roads are free of snow.  The call of the open road is quite strong, but resist the temptation to put the pedal to the metal!

Just Go Around:  We all know the biggest danger this time of year is potholes.  Not only can these little craters be hidden in a puddle;  but driving through water can impede your brakes, obscure you view and even cause hydroplaning.

Slow Down:  What Brings May Flowers?  Spring Showers.  Even a bit of light rain can mix with the oil and grease on the roads to create slippery conditions.  Watch out and slow down!

Learn to Share:  As the weather warms up motorcyclists, bicyclists and pedestrians will be out and about.  Keep your eyes open and remember children are unpredictable AND fast.  Use extra caution when you spot kids near the road.

Read the Fine Print:  For a few people spring is the start of allergy season.  Know how your allergy medications will affect your ability to drive.

Stay Alert:  With our weather fluctuations black ice is still possible.  Pay close attention to wet looking spots on the road when the temperature drops.

Make Alternate Plans:  Low lying areas are prone to localized flooding.  Never cross a submerged section of roadway; you can’t tell if ground has been washed out or not.

Caution Rough Surfaces:  Soft shoulders take a lot of abuse over the winter and in early spring.  Erosion results in depressions and gullies in the gravel.  Use extra caution if you need to pull off the road.

Slippery, Even When Dry:  Some areas mix a lot of sand into their road salt.  This adds up to a loss in traction.  Use care and watch your speed while exiting or entering a road less traveled.

It’s a Zoo Out There:  The time for hibernating is over and animals are on the move.  Slow down in rural areas or areas known for higher animal traffic.  If you have the skills to drive  defensively; try to avoid damage to your vehicle or the animal.  If you’re not confident in making evasive maneuvers it is better to hit the animal than risk your own safety.