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Road Trip Tips


The road trip is all planned. You know your route and the hotels are booked. But how do you make it organized and more fun for everyone? A little bit of pre-planning goes a long way to make the adventures outshine the sibling bickering.


  • – We all know the License Plate Game, Road Sign Alphabet and I Spy. How about 3 Word Stories? Everyone takes turns creating a story using only 3 words at a time.


  • – A little competition is a good thing. Change up the staring contest with who can turn off their electronics and stay off the grid the longest. Or who can hold their breath the whole way through a tunnel.


  • – Download Apps, movies and games to your Smartphone or Tablet. Road Trip Scavenger Hunt, Tic Tac Toe or Bingo are great options.


  • – Miniature versions of classic board games are a solid choice. Most are designed to contain the pieces through magnetics or elastics. Use a tiny plastic lidded container to hold the dice. This will prevent them from becoming lost in the seat cushions.


  • – Take breaks and get physical on a regular basis. A Frisbee doesn’t take up much room and a little game is a great way to blow off some pent up energy.


  • – Create a virtual diary of the trip using pictures, short videos and text.




  • – Over-the-door shoe organizers create central storage for everyone in the vehicle. Just hang them from the front seats. The little pockets can be used to store sunblock, sunglasses, wipes, charging cables, maps, games and extra socks or flip-flops.


  • – No fancy holder for your cellphone? Try a binder clip or elastic band attached to the a/c vents to hold you phone in place while charging or using a map app.


  • – Bring a multi-port USB charger so you can charge 2 or more devices at once.


  • – Having an extra vehicle key can really come in handy when you are far from home. Have someone else carry the spare or use a magnetic box to hide it outside of the vehicle. The key here is NOT to leave the spare in the vehicle.


  • – Download Apps to help economize fuel and to locate hotels and gas stations.


  • – Take screen shots of the trip route. That way you’ll still have directions even if you lose signal. Scan or take pictures of documents such as passport and vehicle license plates. It will make it easier to find numbers and help aid in replacing lost items.


  • – Bring your own soundtrack by creating special Road Trip CD’s. Hearing the songs later will bring back memories.


  • – Keeping the vehicle clean and smelling fresh is a big component of enjoying the trip. You can find a variety of vehicle detailing wipes to keep things neat and dryer sheets make great air fresheners. A re-usable cereal container (with snap lid & plastic bag) is a fantastic way to contain trash while on the road.


  • – Laminate or place paper maps into a plastic protector. Now you can use dry erase markers to make notes. Great to have real maps on hand in case charging is not possible.


  • – If you vehicle isn’t equipped with Bluetooth a good, and safe, choice is to invest in standalone Bluetooth unit that will transmit to an empty radio station. You will have hands free calling AND streaming audio!


  • – Carry a few of the comforts of home with you. Rest stops are not always the most hygienic. Consider keeping hand sanitizer, toilet paper and both OTC and prescription medicines close at hand.


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