Save Rouge Valley Health System

Save Rouge Valley Health System

Every so often in life some things come along that are worth fighting for.  The Rouge Valley Health System (RHVS) – our local hospital with the two sites (Ajax and Centenary) have served our community well since amalgamating 17 years ago. It has not all been easy, but many amazing regional programs – providing excellent care have been developed.  Efficiencies in administration have been created. Increased funding for great programs like the Cardiac Program and Shoulder Centre and many more that help deliver top notch quality care and local access are great examples.

The Provincial Ministry of Health 2 years ago cited the efficiencies and desired more mergers for more productivity and better “patient first care”.  2 short years later they are reversing that though, based what appears to be a desire to  impose geographical and political boundaries on health care. Patient flow for care and the efficiency of patient care does not follow or observe political boundaries.

Political tidiness should not be the goal here. Building  – – on top of — what we’ve already accomplished and making it all better should be the goal.

Few politicians seems to care about the 10’s of millions of TAX PAYER’S dollars that will be wasted to go through with this dissolution and likely nearly 100 million to merge 2 new hospital entities tied to political tidiness.  None of the 10’s of millions of dollars will go to improving directly patient care.  They will be spent over the next 10 years or so – just to get us back to current state.

Rip apart great regional  and well developed programs, hurt your recruiting efforts as the hospital goes into turmoil – and watch patient care suffer. Blow millions of tax payers dollars with little going towards direct patient care – because really who cares?

We do.

We care about our patient care for our family, friends and neighbours and responsible spending of hard earned tax dollars.

Learn more – go to and show your support – please sign the petition. Show government we care.

Jim VanDusen – Member of the Save Our Hospital Action Committee.