The Shoulder Centre at Rouge Valley Health System

The Shoulder Centre at Rouge Valley Health System

The Shoulder Centre at Rouge Valley Health System went online on Wednesday, April 20. Please follow the link: to learn how a team of trained and skilled Shoulder Experts is transforming the way shoulder pain is treated.

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Currently, many patients suffer a year or more of relentless shoulder pain, only to undergo needless diagnostic tests, and receive ineffective medications and physiotherapy sessions. This kind of inefficient diagnosis and treatment leads to many repeat visits to a family doctor before proper care can be provided.

That’s why the Centre developed an intelligent algorithmic tool to guide a family physician and to better assess their patient’s shoulder pain. This tool produces a report that helps determine which member of The Shoulder Centre’s team of specialists will take control of the patient’s care.

The aim of the Shoulder Centre is to streamline the patient journey by reducing expensive diagnostic tests, long wait times and unnecessary surgery. Whether the treatment is a cortisone shot, a custom exercise program, or surgery (in only one of twenty cases), patients will not have to wait to receive the finest care from the correct shoulder expert. Pain free quicker – at a lower expense to the system – is an admirable and an achievable goal!