Mike Przybylo – Automotive Professional of the Week


It finally feels like I am at home with the VanDusen team. I say this because all I know is General Motors. I grew up in a General Motors’ family and it has been
part of me my entire life. I spent days as a kid visiting manufacturing plants and
traveled the world with my father as he represented GM in Europe and beyond.
When I was in school, I worked summers in the Oshawa Assembly plant.

The last nine years I had the honor of working for Canada’s largest owner/
operator of golf courses in Canada. I built lifelong relationships and made
many friends. It was there, that I learned to always take care of the customer and
create a positive team culture.

The most exciting thing right now for me is GM’s new line up of cars, cross-overs and trucks! If you are a young person looking to make your first purchase or someone who is starting a family and needs to upgrade to a larger vehicle please feel free to contact me. Finally, I invite all my friends and acquaintances from the past years and present to come down to VanDusen’s and say hello. I look forward to seeing you!