What is a Company or Executive Demo?

A company or executive demo is a new vehicle that has been registered to a Dealership or Manufacturer and is driven by one of their employees.  This enables the company or manufacturer to showcase their new models out on the roads so customers can see and experience them.

Boyer Chevrolet Buick GMC offers great discounts on company and executive demos that allow you to still take advantage of Manufacturer new vehicle rebates and interest rates.

A company and executive demo is a great way to take advantage of strong discounts and still use the Manufacturers new vehicle incentives.

Is a Company or Executive Demo considered a Used Vehicle?

Absolutely!  Any demo that has been registered and licensed by a dealer or manufacturer is considered a used vehicle. They are far from what you think of a used vehicle.  When a customer purchases a demo from VanDusen’s Chevrolet Buick GMC, they usually have less then 12,750 km’s or as low as a 2500 km’s.  Just depends how fast someone buys it.

Yes it is a used vehicle but it still looks new, still smells new and still qualifies for the Manufacturers new truck incentives and new interest rates.

Amazing isn’t it. Yes it is a used vehicle but it still looks new, still smells new and still qualifies for the Manufacturers new truck incentives and new interest rates.

What about the Manufacturer Warranty?

When customers purchase a company or executive demo, you have to understand that the Manufacturer’s Warranty began the day it was registered and licensed.  This means if the Standard Warranty is 3 year/60,000 km’s and the demo has been registered for 4 months, you now have 2 years 8 months Warranty or the balance of the 60,000 km’s (whichever come first).

See the VanDusen Advantage Demo Plan because we make buying a company or executive demo a positive experience so customers don’t have to worry.

Boyer Chevrolet Buick GMC and our VanDusen Advantage Plan for company and executive demos. Continue reading to learn more.

Boyer Chevrolet Buick GMC and our VanDusen Advantage Demo Plan for company and executive demos. Continue reading to learn more.

What about the usage of the vehicle?

Buying a company or executive demo from Boyer Chevrolet Buick GMC is a great experience.  Our Service Department is responsible for the maintenance of every demo.  Oil changes, tire rotations, clean ups and the Multi-Point Health Check is completed on every demo because we want to ensure the vehicle still feels and smells new for the customer.

What does a GM Vehicle Health Check include?

Health Check is a required service of your vehicle and helps you keep your vehicle maintained. Maintaining your vehicle and catching issues before they happen keep your vehicle in top performance.

Our employees take pride and are responsible for the caring and cleaning of their demos. It is always ready to be shown to any potential customer.

What is a vehicle health check and is it mandatory?

Vehicle Health Check is performed on every company and executive demo so our customers experience is top notch each and every time.


What about the Manufacturer’s FREE Oil Changes?

Once the demo has been registered, the oil change time starts.  That is why we have the VanDusen Demo Advantage Plan because we want our customers to be happy with their new vehicle.

Boyer Chevrolet Buick GMC and our VanDusen Demo Advantage Plan for company and executive demos. Continue reading to learn more.

What kind of deal can I expect when buying a demo?

Here is the great news.  When you purchase a company or executive demo, they still qualify for all current Manufacturer Rebates and Interest Rates.  The dealer discount is calculated based on the mileage or the length of time it has been registered.  This means a customer could still get 0% when they finance a model that qualifies.  This is where a used car and a demo are different.  The banks determine used car rates but the Manufacturer determines them on demos.

Can I Lease a Demo?

Good News! Yes as long as the Manufacturer has leasing programs.  Leasing a demo can be a great idea.  Not everyone understands this because it is listed as a used car.  Fortunately, the manufacturer has new vehicle programs that work for demos.  The bigger your discount and if you’re a low-mileage driver, you can get yourself an impressively low lease payment.

You can lease company or executive demos.

Leasing can be a great option when buying a company or executive demo when you apply the strong discounts and manufacturer credits.

Cash or Finance Options for a Company and Executive Demo

The Manufacturer also provide new car incentives that also work for demos.  This means you can use all those amazing discounts and pay cash or you can take advantage of lower interest rate that is available from the Manufacturer.

Everything is determine “On Approved Credit” but we also have an amazing finance team that works with everyone.  Slow, bad or no credit, our team specializes with all types of applications.

VanDusen “Demo” Advantage Plan for Company and Executive Demos

  • Warranty Top Up to match the Manufacturer’s Standard Warranty or take a relevant discount.*
  • FREE Oil Changes to match the Manufacturer’s New Vehicle Offers.*
  • 3 Years Tire Protection that covers original tires up to an aggregate of $800.*
  • 1 Year Complimentary Walkaway Protection with return privilege, job loss, illness, etc.*
  • $500 Deductible Waiver on collision repairs completed at Boyer Chevrolet Buick GMC.*
  • 3 Years theft protection up to $4,000 which is over and above any other insurance you have.*

* Our Sales and Finance Team members will gladly walk you through the benefits of our VanDusen Advantage Demo Plan that became effective September 18, 2019.

Start Shopping!

Now that you have a clearer idea about company and executive demos, let’s start shopping.

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Remember though!  Our team will show you all your options and work with you to find the make best decision possible.  Don’t believe me, check out our Google Reviews and see what our customers think about us.

Whether it is a new vehicle, pre-owned or a demo, one will work for one customer but another will work out better for another customer.  Our Team will help you explore all those options with you so feel free to book an appointment for a no-obligation consultation.

Thank you and have an amazing day!

Chris McMurray – General Manager

Boyer Chevrolet Buick GMC